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Suspects of fatal Arcata stabbing face evidence against them

EUREKA- The three suspects in the fatal stabbing of an Arcata chef faced evidence presented against them on Wednesday. The trio sat in court a month after a Humboldt County judge threw out the plea deal negotiated between them and the District Attorney's office. 

Juan Ferrer, Nicholas Stoiber and Sophie Rocheleau sat next to their attorneys as the first witness took the stand. Ferrer is the only suspect in custody and is charged with involuntary manslaughter, Stoiber is charged with felony assault, and Rocheleau with battery. All three were originally charged with murder.

Sgt. Det. Todd Dokweiler of the Arcata Police Department began his testimony, giving details about the crime scene and how the investigation led to the three suspects arrest.

Dokweiler said the victim, 50-year-old Douglas Anderson-Jordet, had been found on the street near the intersection of H and 12th Street. He said the autopsy revealed that Anderson-Jordet had died from a stab wound to the heart and suffered from other injuries to his body.

During the investigation Arcata Police spoke with friends who had been with Anderson-Jordet on the day of the incident. Dokweiler said they learned that the victim had spent time at the Arcata Plaza, at a bar, and had left sometime after 1 a.m.

A witness came forward at some point that reported hearing a fight outside her home. Dokweiler said she heard an argument involving two voices that night, hearing "F--- you and your fat girlfriend," and ,"I'm still following you," yelled from the street.

Police reviewed security footage of nearby businesses that showed Anderson-Jordet walking home with two white males and a white female following shortly behind. Dokweiler said the female had been identified as Rocheleau which later connected the two males to the crime.

In cross examination, Ferrer's attorney Marek Reavis, questioned Dokweiler about details of Anderson-Jordet's injuries and about the specific interactions observed between the three suspects on the surveillance footage.

Reavis asked questions about Anderson-Jordet's drinking that day, where Dokweiler said his ex-girlfriend had been with him earlier in the evening but said, "She didn't want to be with drunk Doug." Dokweiler said another APD Detective had described him as staggering in the video.

Cross examination of Dokweiler will continue on Thursday.