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Suspects still at large; Officer involved shooting in Hoopa

HOOPA- The two suspects connected to an officer involved shooting in Hoopa have not been located. Law enforcement agencies have searching for the two suspects since Monday after the passenger of the vehicle allegedly pointed an assault rifle at two tribal police officers.

According to Lt. Edward Guyer of the Hoopa Tribal Police Department the Chevy truck that the suspects were riding in was allegedly stolen and had a stolen license plate. Guyer said investigators are no longer searching the mountain side for the suspects and were pursuing leads to find them. "I'm not positive if they have left the mountainside," said Guyer.

Guyer said investigators found evidence that the officers did fire their weapons. The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department has taken over the investigation for the Hoopa Tribal Police Department.

Hoopa Tribal Police attempted to pull over the truck Monday, but the driver continued up Telescope Point Road from Hwy 96. The two suspects attempted to stop the officers on the narrow, one-lane dirt road by throwing items from the car at them. Guyer said the Chevy experienced vehicle problems and stopped. It was then that the suspects allegedly got out of the car and the passenger pointed an assault rifle at the two officers. The officers responded by shooting at the passenger and both suspects fled down the mountain.