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Tall Trees Access Road to open on Friday


A beloved access road for hikers into Redwood National Park that had been closed is reopening on Friday.

The Tall Trees Access Road has been closed because of mandatory federal budget cutbacks since last spring. It re-opens Friday, February 28th. It will allow visitors access again to the Tall Trees Trail, Emerald Ridge Trail and during low water periods, backcountry camping areas on Redwood Creek. The Tall Trees Trail is a 5-mile round trip walk descending 800 feet in elevation over two miles into the world famous Tall Trees Grove where some trees reach over 368 feet in height.

The road is a 6-mile improved gravel road. Trailers and motor homes are not permitted due to the narrow road width and low hanging vegetation. The road is passable for most regular passenger vehicles. However, due to recent rains, drivers should expect to encounter some slippery spots, a few potholes and rutted sections. The park plans for additional improvements to the road as weather permits, which may result in occasional, weekday closures when heavy equipment is operating.

For more information on the re-opening of the Tall Trees Access Road, please contact Jeff Denny at 707-465-7760.