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Taxes made easy: meeting Wednesday deadline with mobile device

EUREKA- The deadline to file taxes is Wednesday and while the IRS says two out of three taxpayers have already filed, millions still have not.

But if you haven't filed yet don't worry, you can do it right where you're sitting as long as you have a smart phone or mobile device.

"It's as easy as taking a snap shot, filling your information in and you're good to go," US Cellular Sales Manager Steven Lee said.

With two days left to file 2014 taxes, more than 27 million people are turning to electronics to get the job done. Making the process that much easier this year, you can use your smart phone or tablet.

"All of the major tax preparers offer apps," Lee said.

Apps are available from Turbo Tax and H&R Block. Other preparers are offering mobile friendly websites for filing including IRS free file.

"They really do help you do your taxes on the go, but they also make it easy so you're not having to sit at your computer at home in an uncomfortable chair and trying to fill your taxes out, or going to the post office and fill out that huge book and send it off. It's just all at your fingertips," Lee said.

If you're used to meeting with a tax preparer or filing in paper,  mobile representatives assure filing via device is just as safe as the old fashioned way.

"A lot of them are secured, so turbo tax for example, one of the apps that does it, their apps are secured so it gets sent through their secure files, it's not, no one else can just tap on it to see it," Lee said. "A lot of people don't have time to go home or go to a tax preparer so having it on your mobile device is the way to go."

If you've already filed, a tip for next year: you can use an app like slice, available for both iOS and Android, to keep track of receipts. The app scans your Gmail or Yahoo account for those receipts and sorts them for you.

If you need more time to prepare your federal tax return, you may be able to get an automatic six-month extension of time to file. To do this you need to file form 4868 by going to free file on It's only an extension for more time to file, not an extension of more time to pay.