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Teams compete in annual Hunger-Fighter Challenge

EUREKA- Dozens of businesses, schools, and community groups are preparing in the annual Hunger-Fighter Challenge along the North Coast. It is a part of Food for People's Holiday Spirit and Food for Fun Drive. Teams participate in a friendly competition to see who can collect the most food and funds for the food bank.
Organizers said the donated items reach thousands of families throughout the county and help them survive during the colder months.
Food For People’s Food Resource Coordinator Laura Hughes said, “Food is a basic human right for everybody and we want to make sure that people have enough food to not only get them through the holidays but the winter months too."
Last year the challenge alone raised 11,000 of the total 120,000 pounds of food that was raised throughout the year. Participating teams are set up with barrels and bags where people can donate the food. Hughes said many of the families that they serve live on a fixed income and do not earn enough money to keep up with the cost of living.
If you would like to donate food items the drive will be running until the beginning of January.