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Teen raises thousands for Loleta girl with cancer

LOLETA- A young girl from Loleta is getting some much needed help battling a rare form of bone cancer. One of her baseball teammates is stepping up to the plate to help raise money for treatment.

“I figured, well what can I do to help? And if I was in this situation, what would I want people to do for me, and my first idea was paracord bracelets because I know how to make them and they're pretty easy thing to do, and we never expected it to go as far as it did, but it ended up going pretty far,” said Blaine Bryant, founder of Paracord for Lindsi.

Bryant started Paracord for Lindsi after he found out his friend Lindsi Shewry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Bryant began making paracord bracelets and keychains this summer to sell towards the cause. He and his mom make the bracelets at home, and have sold them at the county fair, baseball tournaments and fundraisers. He says his goal was to raise $1,000 for Lindsi, but that was before the bracelet business took off. Since beginning, Bryant has made 350 bracelets and 80 keychains using more than 4,200ft of cord. Last week Bryant donated $3,390 to Llindsi, all raised by selling his paracords. He says he plans to continue making the paracords until people stop buying them.

“To help a friend in need is kind of what I figured for it, just help a friend who needed some help and it ended up helping quite a bit,” Bryant said.

To buy a paracord bracelet or keychain, and to learn more about the cause, visit Paracord for Lindsi on Facebook.