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Tentative sentence given to man who pled "no contest" to killing horse

EUREKA- The man convicted of the murder of a horse in Alton appeared in court for sentencing on Friday, but that sentencing will now be handed down next Friday.

Joshua Slater was convicted of using a crossbow to murder a two-year-old horse in Alton named cash last April and entered a “no contest” plea.  He also was charged last March with unlawful possession of deer and elk parts, allegedly killing a goat eight days after killing the horse, and alleged battery from an incident while he was in jail.  Those cases were dismissed, but the judge is considering those cases for Slater’s sentencing.  The judge handed Slater a tentative sentence of five years of formal supervised probation with the possibility of three years in prison for violation.  The official sentencing will be Friday, January 24th at 2 p.m., so the Humboldt County Probation Office can create the terms of Slater’s formal supervised probation.  The judge said he recommended the sentence of five years of formal supervised probation in order to keep Slater under supervision for the longest amount of time.  The other possible sentences would cause Slater to be released from jail with no supervision in less than a year.  The owners of the horse agree with the judges’ tentative sentence.

"I think that we are inclined to lean that way as well.  While you want justice for your animal, I think that that's probably the best thing for everyone, for our community, to be the safest, is to put this guy on some monitored supervision so that they could kind of keep track and make sure that he doesn't fall back to his old ways," said Becki Bean, the owner of “Cash.”