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Thrift store hit multiple times by thieves

FORTUNA- If you go to Miranda’s Rescue Thrift Store in Fortuna you’ll now see a 9 ft plywood wall around the backside of the building. That’s because a rash of burglaries to the store have caused the owners to fortify the property.

Owners say for the past month they’ve been hit by thieves almost every single night. The suspects cut through the store’s chain-link fence, broke locks on donation storage bins and stole clothing. But on Saturday they took a step further, breaking a window to the building and stealing money and jewelry from a safe. Miranda’s Rescue estimates with the property damage and theft they are now out of thousands of dollars. What money they would typically use toward helping animals must now be spent upgrading security.

“It’s a huge ongoing problem everywhere,” said owner Shannon Miranda. “People are getting broken into every single night there's someone that's broken into and I don’t know what the solution is but we've revamped our security and we're just going to make it harder for them to get in.”

On Sunday, Miranda’s Rescue Thrift Store in McKinleyville was also broken into, with money stolen from their safe. If you have any information on either of these two burglaries, you are asked to call local law enforcement.