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Ticket prices going up at Sequoia Park Zoo to fund wildlife conservation projects

EUREKA- Sequoia Park Zoo ticket prices will go up 25 cents starting this July, to fund wildlife conservation projects locally and around the world.

The Eureka City Council approved the price increase at Tuesday’s meeting.  The Zoo Conservation Fund goes to local projects, such as an HSU study of invasive bullfrogs on the North Coast and an HSU genetic analysis of stranded and beached marine mammals. Global projects include red panda conservation in Nepal and endangered species research in Africa and Vietnam. Zoo visitors will get the option to choose which wildlife conservation project they want to fund. Officials expect to raise about $15,000 during the next fiscal year because of the price increase. 

"It's becoming more obvious that zoos need to step up the conservation contribution that they make outside their gates and not just divert all of the admissions into exhibits and things like that. We want to give back to literal wildlife conservation in the field,” said Gretchen Ziegler, the Zoo Manager for Sequoia Park Zoo.

“We're all about the animals and we want them to be here with us forever.”