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Tips for filling out your tax return correctly

The IRS will be accepting electronically filed tax returns on Friday. Officials have some tips for doing that properly.

The Regional Site Coordinator for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (V.I.T.A.) program says filing tax returns electronically usually means you will receive your refund quicker than filing a paper return. She says the most common problem people face when filing tax returns is when they do not know if they can claim someone as a dependent. She says to make sure you have all your documents in order, for you and the people you are claiming as a dependent, before sitting down to file a return. She also says to know if itemized deductions or the standard deduction will give you the biggest refund possible.

"Completing a tax return is a step by step process. You do the first things first and then it's a logical progression. So if you are coming to the table to do your tax return, and you're trying to jump in at step 10, you've already missed some very important steps," said Sandra Rowan with the V.I.T.A. program.

As a reminder, if you live in Humboldt County, you can dial 211 to set up an appointment to receive free tax help from the vita program.