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Tips for a healthier 2014

EUREKA- We spoke to some residents Tuesday about their New Year’s resolutions.  Some say they want to be a better person, while others want to travel throughout Humboldt County more.  Health officials at Healthsport in Eureka have tips for people trying to get healthier in 2014.
Health professionals say you should be physically active for at least an hour a day for six days a week.

"Whether that's good aerobic walking outside verses doing chores around the house which keeps your heart rate up or doing some strength training sessions or cardiovascular sessions," said Pamela Hutchison, the Master Personal Trainer at Healthsport in Eureka.

Hutchison also says that even though working out is important, the main part of getting fit is eating healthy.

“Eating clean. Not eating processed foods. Trying to stay away from a lot of the processed carbohydrates. Lots of the sugars and the breads and the white starches and white sugars," Hutchison said.

She also says to eat a good breakfast as well as eating something small every three hours to keep the metabolism up.  The steps are straight forward, but even people who work out regularly say getting started is tough.

"It's really hard. It takes sort of just a lifestyle change of it has to become a habit where like if I don't work out I feel kind of crazy…but after a few days go by it's almost like that's my new habit," said Michele Hughes, who works out 6 days a week.

And the rewards will follow.

"There's no way around it.  If you want to live a healthy life with a fare amount of joy in it you're going to have to work out one way or another," said Robert Micks, who spends 6 days a week working out.

So remember to follow these steps for a healthy 2014.