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Tips for thawing frozen windshields this winter

EUREKA- Many on the North Coast woke up to frozen car windshields Wednesday morning as temperatures dropped below freezing over night. But with the cold weather, auto experts are warning you to think twice when trying to melt that ice.

A common mistake to thawing car windshields is to throw hot water on the ice. Auto experts say that does more damage than good.

Hot water can cause the cold windshield to crack, but using cold water isn’t the solution either. The water can actually freeze the windshield further. Instead, use plastic scrapers to protect from scratches and clear ice. Experts say an old plastic credit card can easily clear off icy windshields as well. If worse comes to worse, there are several chemical solutions to fight a freezing windshield that can be picked up at any auto store.

“It's simple, everybody has preconceived ideas and when they see ice: melt ice, hot water,” said Wayne Siggins, owner of Wayne’s Auto Repair in Eureka. “They don't take into account that the windshield behind is also cold, because that's where you're liable to do damage. The other thing that happens with the cold weather is the windshield wipers will stick to the windshield and you need to pull them off the windshield when they're frozen so it doesn't tear the rubber and wiper apart.”