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Toddy Thomas students give to Humboldt Domestic Violence Services

FORTUNA- A group of thirty middle school girls at Toddy Thomas Elementary are helping to improve the lives of women across the county.

Just in time for Christmas, the girls donated more than two-dozen blankets to victims of domestic violence.

The donation comes from the school’s Soroptimist Club, an elective for girls ages 12 to 13 that teaches about the struggles women face around the world and how anyone can help make a difference.

Last trimester the group donated sixty bags of toiletries to Humboldt Domestic Violence Services.

This month, the group collected donations from the community and Campton Heights Baptist church.

They hope to donate 100 more bags in January but wanted to give the blankets this week to those most in need.

 “I know the girls are really excited and they love learning from the Humboldt Domestic Violence Services,” School Counselor Fiona Weismehl said. “It's part of what this elective is all about and what Soroptimist is about, is educating and empowering women and so this is a perfect partnership I think.”