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Tourism season off to fast start in Trinidad

TRINIDAD-Weather has been warm and dry on the North Coast in recent weeks, just as tourism season is arriving.  In Trinidad, employees of various businesses shared their thoughts on tourism season so far.

Tourists who have been to Trinidad before say they make it a point to come back for multiple reasons.

"First of all, look at this little cove.  It's so beautiful and there's sunshine today, we're so lucky.  And it's just so quaint and the people are nice," said Jennifer Moreno, who lives in Chico. 

Others who have never been to the North Coast before say Trinidad is picturesque.

"It seems like a very quaint, nice place.  And there's lots of greenery and we enjoy the cooler weather.  Where we're from, it's in the high 90s and 90 percent humidity right now, so we're enjoying the cool ocean breezes here,"said Gary Jones, who lives in North Carolina.

And while the manager of Seascape Restaurant, Ruth Ruth, says July and August are the restaurant’s busiest times, she says more customers than usual are coming in for this time of year.

"We had three great weekends in a row.  Mother's Day and HSU Graduation and Memorial Day of course.  And as long as the weather holds out, we should do great this year," said Ruth.

She says when the weather is good, business picks up.  And when that happens, the community benefits as well.

"We have to hire a lot more help, of course, for the summer season," Ruth said.

The Property Manager of Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals, Dori Fulk, attributes increased business to nice weather as well.

"A lot of times at this time of year, the beginning of the year, it's a little rainier, wetter, it's a little harder to travel, and this year with the sun out, a lot more people are out and about," said Fulk.

With little rain in the seven day forecast, businesses in the area can expect similar turnout.