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Traffic accident in Eureka sends four to hospital

EUREKA - A two-car traffic accident on Campton Road sent both drivers and two passengers to the hospital Wednesday. Officers responded to the accident just after nine a.m. According to a witness, a Mustang was coming down Campton Road south of Fern Drive when the driver lost control.

The vehicle crossed the double yellow line and collided with a PT Cruiser that was coming up the hill.

Both drivers, and the two passengers in the PT Cruiser were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The cause of the collision is under investigation but officers say it is likely due to unsafe speeds for the current conditions of the roads.

“The roads are wet. There are signs up the hill advising that this is a 25 mph turn. Some caution signs. So, obviously you have to slow down. If the roads are wet, use caution, go slow, and pay attention,” Gary Whitmer, Senior Traffic Officer with the Eureka Police Department, said.