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Traffic safety award given to Fortuna Police Department

FORTUNA- California Highway Patrol officials say the number one killer of people ages 3 to 34 is automobile accidents.  Today, the CHP recognized the Fortuna Police Department for its efforts.  

"It means a great deal to us.  I think it shows we're out there, we're doing what we need to be doing as far as education, training and enforcement of speeding, seatbelt enforcement, and DUI laws.  And it gives us a chance, especially through our education efforts to showcase us on a statewide level," said Chief Bill Dobberstein of the Fortuna Police Department. 

This year marks the fifth California Law Enforcement Challenge award the Fortuna Police Department has won since the contest began in 2003, and this year they won second place. The FPD is in the category for agencies with less than 20 officers.  The scores are counted by calculating an agency’s ability to train officers, enforce laws, and educate the public about speeding, and driving while impaired. The CHP commissioner, Joe Farrow, says agencies throughout California can learn from the FPD.

"I think that it's all about community.  I think this department has a program where they've reached out.  For example, the high school. Going to the high school, trying to teach the young students there, the young drivers, about the responsibility of safe driving.  No texting, no drinking and driving.  No distracting.  Obey the speed limits.  They're building a foundation that will carry on for years and years and years," said Commissioner Farrow.