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Trinidad City Council looking to fill one vacant seat

TRINIDAD - The City of Trinidad is searching to fill a vacant councilmember seat by January 1, 2015.

There are five council member seats and all but one were filled by the November elections.

Because elections have now passed, the current city councilmembers are searching for candidates and will appoint this final member.

The job is to oversee budgets and planning for the city. Council members attend a monthly meeting as well as serve on various city and county committees.

The job is volunteer and is a four year term. Candidates must live within the city limits and be a registered voter. If you are interested, you can call the Trinidad City Hall.

“This has happened before in the city. I sort of take it, in some ways, as a good sign. Things must not be too terrible in the city or else people would be more engaged. But at the same time, we'd like to see the community members involved and it's sort of a challenge of such a small town. There are only 300 and some people living in the city limits so trying to find people willing to do that form of community service,” Dan Berman, Trinidad City Manager, said.