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Trinidad Civic Club celebrates 100 years

TRINIDAD- The Trinidad Civic Club has helped to establish the public library, museum, city hall and the town's memorial lighthouse. The group celebrated their 100 year anniversary with the community Tuesday.

"It's about planning for the future. Not only as we grow older, but looking around our community and seeing what needs their are," said Vice President of the club, Donna Haddock.

Since the group has been established the women have organized the annual Memorial Lighthouse Ceremony, supported local schools and have raised money for scholarships.

"I think the civic club just keeps it's hands on the pulse of Trinidad," said President Kathleen Duncan.

Duncan joined the group when she first moved to Trinidad in the 80's as a way to make friends. She said she has been able to make lifelong friends and be there for the community. "I'm very proud to be the president of the 100 years and I'm very touched," she said.

The group hopes to continue their commitment to the community for the next century, "I think all the ladies feel that we've been given so much as individuals," said Treasurer Patti Fleschner. "It's very important to give back, volunteer and share our good fortune."