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Trinidad council looking for new city manager

TRINIDAD- The Trinidad City Council is in the process of looking for a new city manager, as the current one is set to retire.

Karen Suiker has been the city manager since 2011.  The list for the next city manager started with 20 candidates, half of which are local, and half are from out of the area.  Now, city officials have narrowed that list and will interview their top choices on Monday.  City officials expect to be able to rank the remaining candidates after those interviews.  Then, after a background investigation process, the next city manager will be ready to step in. The Mayor of Trinidad, Julie Fulkerson, talked about the qualities the next city manager should have.

"We're looking for someone who can at least match Karen Suiker.  It'll be a challenge, because she's brought so much to us.  But we're looking for someone who's a good communicator.  Someone who listens well.  Someone who can work with an elected body, five people with independent thinking ideas.  Can work in a small community and really interface with the citizens," said Fulkerson.