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Trinidad treehouse featured on network TV show

TRINIDAD- Perched 60 feet up in the air, surrounded by some of the worlds most famous redwood trees sits a Trinidad treehouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The treehouse is about to get national attention when it is featured on Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters on Friday night.

Treehouse owner Crystal Miller was working with the builder, Pete Nelson, when he started working on the show. "I didn't even want to be on the freakin' show," said Miller who said she is happy to have her life back to normal after the show airs.

Miller will use the treehouse as a music studio. She had dreamed of a home up in the trees with trees with her fiancé, who passed away. Miller said she finished the home in honor of his memory and their shared dream.

The show will air on Animal Planet Friday at 10 p.m.