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Trinidad to update Local Coastal Plan

TRINIDAD- The City of Trinidad plans to improve efficiency of construction projects moving forward with the help of a California Coastal Commission grant.

The grant is worth $80,000 and will be used to update the city’s Local Coastal Plan.  A Local Coastal Plan allows a city to put together regulations and rules for planning and development that are consistent with the California Coastal Act. City officials say the current Local Coastal Plan has discrepancies with the Trinidad General Plan, causing project delays. The city will work with local tribes, citizens and agencies during the update process.  The Mayor of Trinidad, Julie Fulkerson, says updating the Local Coastal Plan will save the city and residents money in the future.

"We're going to unify, hopefully, all of those expectations so that if someone comes in and they want to do a project, they'll know exactly what's expected of them. The other advantage is that there should be fewer objections to projects because it will meet the coastal commission's guidelines right from the very beginning," said Mayor Fulkerson.