Trinity Water Headed to Klamath

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Trinity River water is on its way to the Klamath and is expected to hit the Klamath later this week. Scientists expect a large migration of salmon to enter the mouth of the river any day.


The water started to be released on Sunday at 8:00AM for the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe's Boat Dance Ceremony. At the close of the ceremony on Tuesday at midnight flows will be slowly reduced from  2,650 cubic feet per second to  850 cubic feet per second.


The additional flows will continue until September 19 when they will fall go back to their original levels of 450 cubic feet per second.


The water release started days after a temporary restraining order was ended by a Federal Judge. Local Tribes and environmentalists said the water is the key to prevent another fish kill.


The Yurok Tribe estimates that almost twice the amount of salmon will go through the Klamath than the amount of salmon in 2002. the year of the fish kill.