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Tsunami Evacuation Drill to be held at Redwood National and State Parks

Officials with Redwood National and State Parks continue to prepare for the worst, as they will hold a Tsunami Evacuation Drill on Monday.

Park officials say if a major earthquake occurred at the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which is 40 miles offshore, a 60 to 80 feet tall tsunami would occur. That wave would then hit the Freshwater Spit, where the Visitor Center is located, in less than seven minutes. Last summer, the Tsunami Evacuation Route was completed, which is within walking distance of the Visitor Center. The route leads 100 feet up a hill to safety. Monday morning, park officials will conduct a drill to practice walking the route. The route would be used by park staff and people near the Visitor Center in the event of a major earthquake.

"In any large earthquake, and if you think about a magnitude eight or nine earthquake, our assumption is that all of the roads that are around here, close to the coast, would be obliterated.  So the opportunity to get into your car and drive to safety won't exist.  We need to have a path that you can walk to fairly quickly to get to high ground," said Jeff Denny, a Park Ranger with Redwood National and State Parks.