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Tsunami test system to be activated Wednesday

NORTH COAST- Living on the North Coast one of the many emergencies residents should be prepared for at all times is a tsunami, and on Wednesday a test of the tsunami warning system will take place in both Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

The test will be conducted by the National Weather Service and is meant to test the tsunami warning system to ensure it works properly during a real tsunami emergency. The test will interrupt your television and radio system and will start at 11 am. In addition, 12 sirens around the county will be activated and a flight of civil air patrol will deliver a message through a loud speaker. Officials stress this is only a test but say it is an opportunity to take advantage of,
"Use this opportunity to test your preparedness. Look at your emergency plan and make sure it is up to date,” said Program Coordinator Dan Larkin. “Look at your emergency kit, check to make sure you have enough food and water to survive,” he said.
Officials advise that you do not need to take any action, you do not need to dial 911 and you do not need to evacuate your home or business when you hear the warnings Wednesday morning.