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Two McKinleyville churches are target of tagger

MCKINLEYVILLE - Two McKinleyville churches are facing more than $1000 in damages after a tagger vandalized their walls.

New Hope Church and Abundant Life Center on Sutter in McKinleville were the targets of graffiti on Friday night.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, they saw red spray painted graffiti covering outside walls and windows of both church buildings.

The graffiti read “zero down,” “zero” and “down on walls”.

The churches sits across the street from each other and this is not the first incident in the area.

A suspect has not been located but witnesses described a male wearing all black and riding a bicycle.

Anyone with information regarding the crime is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 707-445-7251.

“Oh our church reacted very well. Some of the young guys came over and cleaned up our windows where they were sprayed. They came over in the rain, it was raining Saturday, and they came over and scraped it all off and cleaned it up and it was great. Good to see that,” Leo Hillis, a deacon at Abundant Life Center, said.