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Two new buses expected in Arcata this Spring

ARCATA- The City of Arcata will receive two new 35 foot buses to replace older ones and will arrive in April. The buses will be funded through a one million dollar transportation grant that the city received a few months ago.

Transportation Superintendent, Larry Pardi said the city has been working to secure the funding for the past three years to update their fleet. "We've finally got the money to fund our new busses," said Pardi.

There are a total of six revenue generating buses where two are twelve years old. Pardi said the buses will cost about a half a million dollars each and will have improved safety, run more efficiently and more modern styling.

Pardi said a majority of people who use the buses in Arcata are Humboldt State University students and make up 75 percent of their rider ship. "The bus system is really dependent on the students," said Pardi.