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Two public comment meetings scheduled with Six Rivers National Forest

NORTH COAST - An Aquatic Restoration Program proposed by Six Rivers Forest will have two more community meetings to get public input.

The restoration is expected to improve riparian and in stream conditions for the anadromous fish that use the creeks and rivers in the forest. Plans are to add large woody debris to provide cover for young Coho salmon and develop side-channel areas for winter rearing and bank-side treatments to encourage species diversity.

The meetings will be held January 21 and 28 at the Gasquet and Mad River Ranger Stations to process any concerns or issues from the public. A short presentation will be followed by an open house to discuss ideas with forest staff. For more information, visit the Six Rivers National Forest web site.

January 21 meeting - Gasquet Ranger Station -10600 Highway 199 -  4 pm to 6 pm

January 28 meeting - Mad River Ranger Station - 741 State Highway 36 - 4 pm to 6 pm