Unified Students of Humboldt end 35 day protest

ARCATA - HSU'S Unified Students of Humboldt have ended their 35 day sit-in protest at the school’s Native American Forum.

Since the Native American Activism Conference on Martin Luther King Day, students have been occupying the forum with demands to HSU administration. Several issues have been addressed, from funding diversity programs to reinstating former INRSEP program director, Jacquelyn Bolman.

The unified students have suspended the sit-in to prepare for mediations scheduled on March 3rd with HSU’s president, and members of administration.

The unified students say, now that there is legally binding accountability on both parties, they believe that progress can come from negotiation.

"There was an understanding that it was important for administrators to be able to understand what intergenerational trauma meant. They were working on education themselves, on how to be able to relate to their students of color, native students in particular. So, that is a huge transformation. I know that those are things that faculty members here have been trying to get HSU to do for a long time," said Unified Students of Humboldt member, Sarah Caligiuri.