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UPDATE: Fatal Crash in Southern Humboldt

Press Release from CHP:


On 12/26/2013, at approximately 1858 hours, Chang Thao, age 22, of Mckinleyville, CA, was driving a 2000 Honda Civic northbound on US-101, south of Redcrest, CA. The vehicle was traveling in the #1 lane, at approximately 60 mph.  After passing a truck tractor towing a semi-trailer, the Honda moved into the #2 lane.  As the Honda proceeded northbound it began to travel onto the shoulder of US-101.  It then came in contact with the guardrail. Chang Thao steered the Honda to the left in an attempt to return the vehicle to the traffic lanes. Chang Thao lost control of the vehicle and it spun out of control northwesterly across all lanes of traffic. The Honda continued onto the southbound shoulder of US-101 where it stuck a g ida to the.9="C curbIt Honimp witcad as Honda to ther fon thIt Ulttely 60he Honda mo’sssingelo'idebar roUS- it dotowimp wio th ge/pu di in pascrewoos reas Weathe veh WeaRoadway edpu US-101.  /p>

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