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Update of man pronounced dead at Sierra Pacific Industries

Capital Crane Service has been confirmed as the company employing the private contractor who died on the job Tuesday. The coroner has identified the victim as 64-year-old, Forrest Hill resident, Mike Vander Veen.

While in the basket of an industrial boom on Sierra Pacific Industries property, Veen was reportedly electrocuted and killed by a high voltage power line. Although, Sierra Pacific did not directly employ the man, they say they take site safety very seriously.

“Safety is a top priority at SPI for all of our locations. Whether it’s in the woods or at our manufacturing facilities, we follow safety procedures and sometimes accidents do happen and we're very saddened by this loss. But like I said, we don’t know exactly how it occurred so we're still investigating it at this point” said, Mark Pawlicki, SPI’s Director of Corporate Affairs. 

We also spoke with representatives from Cal/OSHA regarding the investigation. They say, as far as investigations go, once they’re notified about an incident, their district manager assigns an investigator. The investigator goes out to the site, does a visual inspection and will often set up an area much like a police investigation.

According to OSHA it could take up to six months to clearly understand what happened, while several agencies are taking part in piecing together the final minutes before the fatal accident.

“The goal is, to have safe work places for California workers. So they can start their day, give a good hard days work and go home safe and sound, at the end of the day,” said Cal/OSHA Spokesperson, Erika Monterozza.