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Upgraded jets at the Arcata- Eureka Airport

It's confirmed; bigger jets are coming to the Arcata-Eureka Airport starting March fifth. Skywest, contracted by United Express, is retiring all of its 30 passenger turbo aircrafts and bringing in new, more spacious jets. The CRJ regional jets hold 50 to 70 passengers and will shorten flight time to San Francisco by up to 20 minutes.

Skywest is implementing the new jets at all of its service locations. Airport officials say, there will be fewer flights, but the same amount of people will be able to depart from the airport. The changes are aimed to cut down on cancelations and congestion problems at SFO.

“They are also much more fuel efficient. So they leave less of a carbon footprint, not only because it reduces the number of operations, but they also burn more efficiently. They are more comparable to say, like a hybrid compared to an SUV,” said ACV Program Coordinator, Emily Jacobs.

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