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Vacation Dwelling Units Ordinance to be read at Trinidad City Council Meeting

TRINIDAD - A proposed ordinance for vacation dwelling units will be read at the Trinidad City Council Meeting Wednesday night.

The City of Trinidad has worked for a number of years on putting together an ordinance for basic rules and regulations for these temporary homes.

Trinidad is a popular vacation destination and vacation rentals have become an increasing issue in the city.

There will be the first of two readings to the community of the proposed ordinance on Wednesday.

The ordinance will be open to comments from the community and will then be read again before it goes to the Coastal Commission to be approved.

The City’s goal is to have the ordinance up and running by next summer.

"The city didn't have any rules about what was required for them, do you need to have adequate parking, septic systems. And so it was in some cases creating some conflict in town. And so the city thought it would be worthwhile to have a clear set of rules for everyone,” City Manager Dan Berman explained.