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Veterans Monument Point of Honor coming to Crescent City after almost a decade of perseverance

CRESCENT CITY - A long awaited Veterans Monument in Crescent City is now able to move forward after receiving a California Coastal Development Permit.

There are many ways to honor veterans, but determined community members of Del Norte County have wanted a Veterans Monument Point of Honor in Crescent City for almost a decade. 

"Everybody knows a veteran, and all the sacrifices they’ve done over the years and Del Norte County is one of those counties that really honors veterans," said Richard Enea, Crescent City Mayor Pro Tem.

Crescent City staff first had the idea in 2006 then the Del Norte Veterans Monument Committee was formed. Designs were developed for a 60 foot diameter plaza with a pentagram based monument in the center.

“Representing five sides for each of the armed forces, and then, this extruded pentagram will have large bronze plaques on each of the armed forces, with names of those that have served in the city and the county," said Charles Slert , Former Mayor & Monument Architect.

However, despite the design, dedication and goodwill, the committee had to face the California Coastal Commission for a permit.   

"It progressed to the point where we submitted an application for a coastal development permit in 2009," said Harlan Ziegler, Monument Committee President.

Then last year the committee went to Santa Barbara for a special meeting with the commission to move the project forward.

"They finally approved the project but it took until now to get our coastal development permit because they had special conditions that had to be met," said Ziegler.

Those conditions were challenging due to the location.

The monument is expected to be built in the center of town along the S-curve at Highway 101. 

But now, the Veterans Monument Point of Honor so many have worked for will become a reality.

"I think it's a magnet, people will come here when they're driving through and they'll see it, it will automatically beautify our city. And it will go down through the ages of recognition of how this community feels about it's veterans and those who served," said Del Norte District 1 Supervisor, Roger Gitlin.

The committee starts the bid process this weekend in hopes of a July 4th 2016 completion. It is also applying for grants and seeking contributions for the estimated $500,000 project.