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Victim named in Rancho Sequoia homicide

SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT- Fifty-seven year old Scott William Johnson of Alderpoint is the victim of a shooting homicide in Rancho Sequoia Monday evening.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation into Johnson’s murder, assessing whether Monday’s homicide could be related to another homicide in the area last Friday.

According the sheriff’s office, Johnson and a group of residents had gone looking for homicide suspect Matthew Brown on Monday night. Brown is accused of murdering Neil Decker in Alderpoint last Friday.

Johnson was shot to death on Monday and was found lying in a dirt road. His autopsy was scheduled for today. Officials say the results will tell investigators how many times he was shot and what caliber weapon was used.

“Investigators are currently still investigating the correlation between Monday night's homicide and Friday night's homicide in the same area. Both homicides were probably within a mile of each other in the rancho sequoia area. The rancho sequoia area again is a small community of dirt roads. Probably 100-200 people live in that community- but trying to figure out the correlation between the two homicides,” said Lieutenant Wayne Hanson with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators still have not named a suspect in Monday night’s shooting. Johnson’s murder marks the area’s fourth homicide in the last two years.