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Victim's family speaks out: Ferrer case to continue in court

EUREKA- The family of Douglas Anderson-Jordet, the victim of Arcata's fatal stabbing in November, said they are happy with the courts decision. A judge decided to throw out the three plea deals negotiated between the three defendants and the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office on Thursday.

"I think a fair representation of our brother, who has been somewhat maligned with this case," said Donald Anderson, the brother of the victim.

Anderson-Jordet's family sat in the courtroom on Thursday as Judge Joyce Hinrichs gave her decision. The family attended the sentencing after submitting multiple letters to the court, urging the judge to reconsider the plea.

Anderson said his family had originally agreed with the plea, but became uncomfortable as the facts of the case became part of the political race for Humboldt County District Attorney. Arnie Klein, a candidate, said he represented the family in court. Klein has been the most vocal candidate against the plea that was negotiated by Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo, who is also running.

Patty Henderson, the victim's sister, said the family had become uncomfortable with the misinformation about their brother. "I don't think it's for vengeance that's what we're not about, but it's more for just hearing the evidence and a fair representation of what we think happened," she said.

District Attorney Paul Gallegos said in court that he would respect the decision no matter what the out come was. "The truth will come out sooner or later," he said Thurday.

On Friday, in a statement, Gallegos said he was happy with the courts ruling. "I agree with the Court, in light of misinformation that has been placed out there, the community should get the opportunity to hear and see the evidence. Douglas Anderson-Jordet, his family, the defendants and the community deserve that," he said.

Juan Ferrer, 35, is accused of fatally stabbing Anderson-Jordet in the heart following a fight, which involved the two other suspects, Nicholas Stoiber and Sophie Rocheleau. All three had been originally charged with murder, but have received lesser charges from the District Attorney's Office. Ferrer is the only suspect in custody and is charged with involuntary manslaughter, Stoiber is charged with felony assault, and Rocheleau with battery.

The family plans on attending the preliminary hearing which has been set for May 28th.