Victims shot total of 8 times; Tree trial

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EUREKA-The chief investigating officers for the Arcata Police Department testified on Tuesday about the investigation of the double murder that lead to Bodhi Tree's arrest.

On the stand, Det. Sgt. Todd Dokweiler gave a detailed account of the order of events on May 18th. In his testimony, Dokweiler said law enforcement did not know much about the suspect or the motive behind the shooting in the beginning.

Dokweiler described the autopsy of both victims, Alan "Sunshine" Marcet and Christina Schwarz. Bloodied photos from the crime scene and pictures from the autopsy were shown as Dokweiler described their injuries. An autopsy revealed that Marcet had been shot a total of five times and that Shwarz was shot three times, including one shot through the top of her head.

Dokweiler continued to describe the investigation and said there were several people staying at the Eye Street home the night of the double murder. He said when the witnesses were interviewed a common nickname and description of a suspect came together.

The name, he said, ultimately led them to the home on 243 Marilyn Street, where Bodhi Tree had been associated with before. Tree was not located at the home, he said, but bullet ammo from the home was found that law enforcement believed matched the type of gun used.

Dokweiler said Tree was eventually located in the area by authorities and taken to the department for questioning that ultimately led to his arrest. He said the firearm had never been found even though an 'exhaustive' search of area was done where Tree had been allegedly hiding.