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Volunteers needed On Valentines to show some love to Janes Creek

ARCATA - The city of Arcata wants you to make Janes Creek, your valentine this year.

Saturday morning, Arcata’s Environmental Services, Humboldt Fish Action and HSU’s Natural Resource Club, will host the bi-annual clearing of invasive plants at Janes Creek. The creek is overrun with ivy and reed canary grass that create barriers and disrupt water flow.

Those barriers block the ability for fish to move freely through the channel; and make the creek bed shallow, causing flooding.

"It's been an ongoing problem for a number of years now, but we have turned a corner on it. We've been, on this section of the creek, been working for a number of year now. And we have made some impacts by removing this material. The creek channel has deepened some and we haven't had the flooding we had back 7 to 10 year ago. So things are coming along nicely," said Dennis Houghton, Arcata Natural Resource Maintenance Crew Leader.

If you want to volunteer and “Show Some Love” Saturday, meet at 9am at the corner of Hilfiker Drive and Cropley, in Arcata.