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Vote to begin contract negotiations for phase of Martin Slough Interceptor Project pulled from Eureka Council agenda

EUREKA- Before Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council meeting, an item was pulled from the agenda. That item was the recommendation by the Public Works Department for the council to authorize contract negotiations for a company to work on a phase of the Martin Slough Interceptor Project.

The project is designed to increase Eureka’s Waste Water Treatment System’s efficiency. While one phase of the system has been halted, the Public Works Department selected Wahlund Construction to work on another phase. City officials say an attorney with a local construction company submitted a letter to the city before Tuesday night’s meeting expressing that the contract should be awarded through a competitive bid. City staff are working to determine if they are permitted to award the contract to Wahlund Construction or if it must be awarded through a competitive bid before they can put the item on a future council agenda.