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Voters see Humboldt County District Attorney Candidates answer their questions in person

EUREKA- Dozens had the chance to have an up close look at the four Humboldt County District Attorney Candidates at a forum held on Tuesday by the non-partisan organization The League of Women Voters.  The audience was made up of mostly seniors. The moderator of the forum, Byrd Lochtie, who is also a Board Member of the League of Women Voters, says seniors face multiple issues in the area.

"For some people, it's food.  I would say transportation is one that I keep hearing a lot of the time for seniors," said Lochtie.

The purpose of the Humboldt County District Attorney Candidate Forum was to let people hear the four candidates’ views on a variety of subjects in person.  The event was not a debate, but it was an opportunity for candidates to answer questions posed by the audience.  The forum is part of the League of Women Voters’ Citizen Education Program, which is dedicated to providing impartial information about candidates and the voting process.  Organizers say the forum goes a long way in creating informed voters.

"They can watch body language as well as listen to what they're saying.  It gives them a chance to know the candidates better.  Not just reading about them in the newspaper or seeing a short spot on television, but getting to see them in action," Lochtie said.

May 19th is the last day to register to vote for the June 3rd election.