Votes for Dollars: "Give with Target" campaign will donate to North Coast schools

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 Just one click can earn up to $10,000 for North Coast kids.  There’s five days left to cast votes in Target’s “Give with Target” campaign that has the potential to benefit education in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.


"Honestly I think it’s the best way to connect to our communities around here,” said Kyle Kollman, an Executive Team Leader over Human Resources for Eureka’s Target store.


The company is donating five million dollars to schools nationwide, and schools from Southern Humboldt to northern Del Norte are eligible for the money.  But there’s just a few days left to cast your votes online. Log onto “,” and you can type in your zip code, or school name. One click can earn you one dollar, after twenty-five votes, and up to ten thousand dollars.


"Its paid cash money for the school to decide whatever they'd like to do with it for their students and their teachers," Kollman added.


The deadline is looming; Target will stop donating either this Saturday, September 21st, or at five million dollars in clicks, whichever comes first.


"I know by the year 2015 we would like to donate a whopping one-billion dollars to local schools," Kollman said.


Local schools can earn at least 25 dollars, and up to ten thousand.  Currently, 4.18 million dollars is accounted for, but there’s still $820,000 the north coast can click to give to local kids.


To vote search for: "Give With Target"