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Voting numbers for 2014 some of the worst on record

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Final voter turnout numbers from the November 4 general election show low turnout throughout the state.

About 7.4 million people voted, according to preliminary numbers.  In Los Angeles County, the state's largest of some 4.9 million registered voters, only about 1.52 million actually cast ballots.  Although statewide figures have not been finalized, turnout has been estimated below 46%, which could be a record low. That's lower than the 50.57 % turnout in 2002, when Gray Davis won  reelection as governor. 

Humboldt County was slightly above the state average at 50.65%. Officials with the Humboldt County Elections Office say every year is a little different and it’s the issues that drive people to the voter’s booth. When people are passionate about a subject, they vote.