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Waste collection services split in Willow Creek area

EUREKA- A deal between two waste collection companies is up for review at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday.

The supervisors will review an amendment to a solid waste franchise agreement for the Willow Creek area that would split collection services between Tom’s Trash and Eel River Disposal.

If the amendment is passed, Tom’s Trash will resume solid waste collection services, while Eel River Disposal will be responsible for large debris box and recyclables collection.

Tom’s Trash lost the county’s collection service contract in 2011 due to bookkeeping mismanagement, the contract was put up for bid and awarded to Eel River Disposal, until overturned by the Board of Supervisors. This spring a judge ruled that the service must be carried out by the lowest county bidder and in June, county supervisors granted Eel River Disposal the waste recovery contract.

According to Eel River Disposal the decision to split services was quote “the right thing to do.”