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Wastewater plant improvements save millions of gallon in water

FORTUNA- Changes to Fortuna’s Wastewater Treatment Site are saving the city money and millions of gallons in water.

The city previously used potable water for disinfecting and maintaining wastewater equipment. However, in an effort to be proactive about water conservation, the treatment facility recently switched to using recycled water. City officials say the switch is saving the city 23 million gallons of potable water. Instead of purchasing water for the processes, the facility will use the recycled water produced on site, ultimately saving the city money.

“The city has been thinking about this and wanting to move over to this new process for quite some time,” said Fortuna City Manager Regan Candelario. “Staff took the initiative and are being really proactive for a city to get it done now in this drought situation for the state so we're really happy with to get that done.”