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Water rates set to increase by 60% in Crescent City

CRESCENT CITY- Water rates are set to increase in Crescent City.
A special meeting is being held tomorrow to approve the 60% increase. 
According to the staff report monthly water rates would increase by $3.79 in 2014, and continue to increase until 2017. City officials say the increase is necessary in order to maintain operation costs. However, for the last 45 days some residents have been collecting signatures in protest. Former council member Donna Westfall told us protestors collected over 2,000 signatures, and according to prop 218 just over 1,800 are needed.
After 4 days of counting and verifying signatures, city staff tells us that about 800 of the petitions gathered were invalid, meaning they were either duplicates or lacked information. 
The council will announce the entire results of the protest at the special meeting tomorrow. It starts at 6 p.m. at the Flynn Center in Crescent City.