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"Watershed Heroes" Exhibit at Sequoia Park Zoo half complete

EUREKA- A Sequoia Park Zoo exhibit dedicated to animals that are important to local watersheds, that will be open this June, is now half finished.

"Watershed Heroes" has been under construction since June of last year.  The exhibit will feature animals, that when abundant, demonstrate a healthy watershed in our area.   There will be bald eagles, river otters and three species of salmon featured.  The otter exhibit is close to being complete and the salmon exhibit and viewing shelters are under construction.  The learning lab and otter night quarters are about to be started on.  People at sequoia park zoo told News Channel 3 they are looking forward to the exhibit.

"I can't wait to see it.  My son loves eagles and he loves the salmon and fish and I think it's going to be great to show the interaction of how they all work together and show how it works in our local watershed," said Justin Boyes, who was visiting the zoo with his family.

"We're definitely excited about it. I've looked at some of the information that they have hanging up and a lot of the stuff looks really fun, like the crawl through tunnel and I think she's really going to like the river otters," said Jared Ourique, who was visiting the zoo with his daughter.