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West Michigan man swept out to sea, search suspended

ORICK- After 17 hours, authorities suspended the search for 20 year-old Bobby Root of Michigan who went missing in the ocean near Orick Tuesday.

Root entered the water at the mouth of Redwood Creek to rescue his dog and was swept away. The Coast Guard, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, The National Park Service and Orick Volunteer Fire all assisted in the search but were unsuccessful.

The Coast Guard said the ocean was swirling like a washing machine right where Root first went missing . Jeff Root says his son was traveling through the area.

“Blood just kind of drops out of your body and you're just hoping that your son's ok and that he's not in trouble or something. But unfortunately they say he's been reported missing at this time and that's all they know,” said Jeff Root, Bobby’s Father.

"The vast majority of cases I've been on here, I've had a positive outcome, where we knew where the person was, we managed to get the person out of danger. But you know, that's not always going to be the case. And people in the water is a historically difficult case to prosecute successfully. So I think the crew is pretty grounded and we had a pretty experienced crew last night. But I mean, the unfortunate part of the job is, sometimes you don't always win," said Coast Guard Air Station Pilot, Lieutenant Josh Smith.