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Winship Middle School students compete in Human Power Challenge in Oregon

The Velo Club is in its first year at Winship Middle School in Eureka and members of the club recently competed in the annual Human Powered Challenge in Portland.

A Velomobile is a bicycle with a shell over it in order to make it more aerodynamic. Over Memorial Day Weekend, six students from Winship Middle School had the chance to compete in the Human Powered Challenge at the Portland International Raceway in Oregon. The students began working on their Velomobile in February. Teachers say the experience has taught the students valuable lessons they can use the rest of their lives.

"Every Friday they got together and were cutting up coroplast and taping it together and changing the way things work and working as at team and making sure they could all fit into it.  It's really a neat project in the sense that there's so much teamwork together," said Brad Albee, a 6th grade teacher and the Velo Club Advisor at Winship Middle School.