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Winter Anti-DUI Crackdown arrests down from last year

FORTUNA- Fifteen days into the Winter Anti-DUI Crackdown, the Avoid 8 DUI Task Force says they’ve made less arrests this year than in 2013.

As of Friday morning, 22 people have been arrested in Humboldt County for driving under the influence. That number is down from the 52 arrests made last year during the same time period. As part of the anti-dui campaign, the task force will continue saturated patrols across the county through January first.

“It's been great to see these numbers so low,” Task Force Coordinator Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht said. “Our preliminary traffic numbers as far as dui traffic collisions look like they're down as well. So we'll have those final numbers after the first. But as of this point, those numbers are down as well. Which is excellent. You know, ideally we'd like to see those numbers at zero, but a 50 percent cut compared to last year is definitely a great improvement.”