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Winter storm less than anticipated, but good to be prepared

EUREKA – “I think we're very fortunate that we didn't see the amount of rain that was expected,” Mel Nordquist, Science and Operations Officer for the National Weather Service, said.

Public safety agencies, the National Weather Service, and the residents of the North Coast can all agree, it’s a relief.

“What actually happened in this system is we did get less rain than we thought with the system overall and it was displaced a little further south than we thought it would be,” Nordquist said.

But the weather system didn’t come without leaving its mark on our coast. Public safety agencies have been responding to a number of incidents.

“We've had a number of downed power lines we responded to. Nothing major, per se. We've had some flooding in low lying areas that required some traffic control but nothing that we needed to activate our EOC or anything like that,” Battalion Chief Chris Emmons, with the Humboldt Bay Fire Department, said.

And though the Weather Service says the first pass of heavy rain and high winds have moved through, we’re not quite out of the clear yet. 

“We're in kind of the lull that exists after the main band of rain comes through in a major storm system. As the core of the upper level system comes through, we will see showers,” Nordquist explained.

“It's a good time right now in the lull, before the next storm hits whenever that hits, to go ahead and get prepared if you weren't prepared for this one,” Chief Emmons said.

If you’re traveling on the roadways, you can call Caltrans for the most up to date road conditions at 1-800-427-7623 (1-800-gas-road).