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Wishing wreaths bring teachers much needed school supplies

HYDESVILLE- It’s a dilemma many parents of school aged children face: what to get your child’s teacher for Christmas? One local school is making it easy to give the perfect gift for both the teacher and the students.

“It takes all of the guesswork out of it,” Hydesville Parent Group Volunteer Maile Feuerman said. “The parents can come in, they grab an ornament off the wreath that has the name of the item the teacher is wishing for and then we just take the ornament with us to the store and get what they want.”

Hydesville Elementary School’s wishing wreath program is now underway. As part of the program, teachers and support staff hang Christmas wreaths on their doors and decorate them with ornaments saying what they want for Christmas.

The school’s parent group started the program three years ago as a way to help teachers get useful gifts for the classroom. According to the group, classroom budgets are small, but the wreath program can help keep needed supplies available for both the teacher and the students for the rest of the year.